10 Living Room Design Mistakes Everyone Makes

Interior designers spend their lives studying the small details that perfect a room. Just like a beautifully directed film, a well-decorated living room is captivating and impressive, familiar, and safe at once. And sometimes it can be hard to pinpoint what is off in our living rooms. We spoke with interior designers and a residential architect to shed some light on the most common living room design errors which may plague our spaces.
If you consider the most common living room decorating errors, the space of your dreams may not be this out of reach.
Choosing a Wrong Sofa
Designers agree: A great living room starts with a great sofa. “So often I come into a house, and the owners have good taste, but they already have a sofa that they want to work with,” explains stylist st Dexterio. They don’t want to replace it because it’s not that old and they don’t mind it. I’ve had to break the news over and over that with a sofa like that, they would never get the room they want.
We hear from our clients that the sofa they had bought in the past was not comfortable or too big (or too small) for the room. In living rooms, a good sofa is a key to comfort, but it’s also central to how a room feels and looks. “Make sure you pay attention to the height of the sofa seat (a low seat is hard to get in and out) and draw up a floor plan of furniture before buying.” Buying on impulse is great for accessories and side tables, but never for a sofa, as it can be an expensive mistake.
Getting into Showroom Look
 Another mistake that plagues living rooms everywhere is the “feel of the showroom,” that is, a room that looks like it’s all bought from the same store. “The mixing of new and vintage elements is important to us to create an interesting, eclectic, and individual room.
A Rug That’s Too Small
One of the principal offenders in the decoration of the living room is a poorly sized rug. Living rooms need at least an 8-by-10-foot (if not a 9-by-12-foot) rug almost every time. Just stay away from anything under 6-by-9-feet unless you have a tiny living room. A 4-by-6-foot tag may be fine next to a bed, a kitchen, or an entrance, but it certainly won’t work in your living room.
Hanging Art Incorrectly
An art that hung the wrong way on a wall is like a character wearing a bad wig in a movie, it’s just kind of hard not to see it, and you wish you could just rip it off, knowing that without it, everything would be so much better. It doesn’t ruin your experience else it distracts terribly.
While some agree that art should be hanged at eye level, the stylist emphasizes that this is not applicable in every case. Yes, the art should be at eye level, but not if your ceilings are really low and not if you are tall, If the wall has been cut vertically into four sections (going from bottom to top), think about the art being in the third quadrant (counting from the floor).
Not Blending Styles
Often people feel boxed in and limited by their home’s architecture and choose furniture based on the home’s architecture and period. Our solution is to mix furniture styles with architectural style. “In one Georgia home, the design firm combined contemporary furniture with traditional crown molding, antique Moroccan rugs, African beaded benches, and contemporary art.” We love to recover and rework vintage pieces and mix them with custom sofas so the living room feels timeless and accessible.
Using Evident Fabrics
There are some great outdoor fabrics we use indoors that can’t be destroyed by dogs and children. Selecting rugs that wear well is necessary. Watch out for the seductive silk rug. Consider a wool rug, instead. When selecting a rug, pay particular attention to the quality of the fabric and the timelessness of the design.
Don’t test your living room setup 
Consideration of the views from major seating elements is very important. It’s nice to be able to sit on a favorite piece in a large open room while addressing the rest of the room. It’s necessary to consider the required window views in a small room. It’s often hard to know where to put the TV in a room with a fireplace — large TV cabinets are cumbersome, and don’t fool many. 
Ignoring Small Items
To avoid feeling like you are in a store, after selecting large items, we recommend that you leave adequate space in the budget for lighting, textiles, and accessories. “What adds personality is the small pieces. We also prefer to illuminate the living room with low lighting instead of the overhead light.
Inconvenient Coffee Table
Choosing a coffee table is more appropriate than swinging over to your favorite home goods store and choosing one on a whim. Let your lifestyle and functionality guide the materials, height, length and clearance space needed to ensure that your coffee table sings in harmony with your living room.
Choosing rough lighting systems
Updating lighting fixtures can be a cost-effective way to help improve any space ‘s overall aesthetics, as well as give a sense of sophisticated elegance and comfort. It’s also one of the design features that is most often overlooked, yet the most versatile — light fixtures can move along with you.
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