6 Modern Living Rooms for Everyone

Reconsider What Contemporary Living Room Decorating Means

When it comes to decorating a living room, modern is a word that gets tossed around a lot when defining a particular style. But the truth is, it can sum up many different types of looks like modern, from the mid-century to minimalism. We’ve put together this round-up of our favorite examples of modern living rooms to help you sort it all out.

Modern living room Filled with colors
Furnishings and decor in lovely colored pops, including the striking focal point of a hot pink fireplace surrounding, redefine what modern decoration in this contemporary environment. Keeping the walls white while distributing vibrant shades around the room does not detract but compliments the splendid heart of the room instead.

Contemporary and Transitional Living Room
 A traditional and neutral color scheme also fits without skimping on the wow factor in a modern living space. Notice how in this chic modern space with a transitional vibe, the accent chairs and decorative pillows in navy blue pop against soft gray furnishings.

Modern Living Room With Mid-Century Influenced
Carving out the main living area is a divider of the planter room which enlivens the space with beautiful greenery. The inviting tone is set by low profile furniture with a retro and mid-century vibe. The classic pieces are both comfy and straightforward, both modern-style hallmarks. Above all is a statement light fixture, which puts the quintessential chandelier in a contemporary spin.

Living Room With Pattern and Texture
Beautiful wallpaper in a striking modern pattern takes Design small living room to a new stylish level. Lots of contrasting textures from the rattan coffee table to the ribbed table lamps pile up on the visual interest.

Spacious and Bright Contemporary Living Room
Bright and Spacious are two terms that come to mind when most people are talking about modern decoration. This living room epitomizes that thought. The mostly neutral-toned room is enlivened by color pops here. The large prints on the walls elevate the sensation of vibration. It is important to note that modern spaces can include a mashup of furniture styles such as the spindle farmhouse chairs set around the “Tulip” dining table in Saarinen.

Black and White Contemporary Living Room
Owing to black and white geometric walls, this largely monochromatic, minimalist living room brings the “D” into drama. Metallic accents are completely new all the time. Copper here, the product of the moment, brings a layer of comfort to it.
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